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Zhejiang Caidie Industry Co., Ltd.
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About Us

Zhejiang Caidie Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. Caidie Industry is located in the hinterland of Hangjiahu plain, 130 kilometers away from Shanghai, 80 kilometers away from Suzhou and Hangzhou, with convenient traffic. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial key enterprise, a provincial green enterprise, and a high-quality enterprise in Huzhou city. It has won many provincial and municipal advanced enterprises, remarkable economic benefits enterprise and civilized units. It is granted "special credit" by Banks. The main equipment includes 11 imported Japanese TMT polyester elasticizer, 37 German polyester elasticizer, 90 Taiwan knitting machine, 40 German Carl meier warp knitting machine, 80 high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machine, 12 imported open frame and moulding machine, 80 sets of lifting and grinding machine, 100 Italian SANGIACOMO all-computer jacquard underwear machine, etc. Annual production capacity: 50000 t/a of polyester filament produces, 12000 t/a of knitting and weaving, 30000 tons of dyeing and finishing and 10 million pieces of fully formed underwear. The production and management system of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and ready-to-wear is basically formed, which lays a solid foundation for the good and rapid development of the company.

The company has advanced equipment, strong technical force, with more than 100 professional technical personnel. And we have strong ability of new product development, achieving 5-10 new products launched on the market every month. "Adhere to the market - oriented, pay attention to technology input, the integration of industry and trade in the development of the road" is the company's development strategy. "Innovation, quality, integrity, service" has always been the purpose of the company. And Caidie is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign businessmen widely.



Zhejiang Caidie Industry Co., Ltd.


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